Star Sounds Orchestra / SSO

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SSO - electronic music history since 1989

sso_89_Solothurn.jpgStar Sounds Orchestra hit various genres in their over 20 years ongoing career, starting from the deep insights of Berlin School, crossing the style-spectrum from hard core new age to contemporary electronic trance music. The two cosmic space shamans Steve Schroyder from Freiburg and Jens Zygar from Hamburg committed and dedicated their lifes to the one source of everything, which is space music & multidimensional sounds.

You are kindly invited to become part of the visionary concept of an interesting contemporary music-movement and join the club of the cosmic octave.

CD from Steve Schroyder feat. Alien Voices

20_qigong-200.jpgFor all of you who can´t wait till next incarnation in order to listen to some tribal cosmic electronic music from SSO there is a simple way to avoid maybe even waiting in vain : Steve did a nice one with a vocalist duo named Alien Voices, the masters of over and undertones; the CD is called Qigong Dancing; yes, there was a album with almost the same title from SSO, and no, the band didn´t split up, and y:es - there will be more SSO tracks coming out soon (one fine day) but in between enjoy this one°

SSO summer season 2013 with Irina Mikhailova

sso_stage01ozora08_9469.jpgThe SSO crew happily announces the parttaking of the Diva Queen of cosmic world music Mrs. Irina Mikhailova on the SSO summer festival season of 2013.

Don´t miss the chance to experience one of the greatest energy sources of most amazing vocalizing singing extasy in combination with happy dancing and full om brother & sisterhood of all planetary super love.

See you on the trancefloor and lets dance together, spread love and share respect°

GONG MEDITATION CD Series with Jens Zygar!

CD_Om_Gong_meditation_280.jpgFor all of you who like to experience the pure essence of acoustic sound vibrations, Jens Zygar released the first part of a edition that particulary focus on the meditation potential of cosmic music. The CD OM GONG MEDITATION, which is also available on almost any download store, offers three pieces of straight 136,1 Hertz tuned subtle morphing soundstreams each around 20 minutes long. It serves well for any serious meditation and supports healing processes!